Weddings at Hideout Hotel

Featured: Hideout Groom, Nick (middle) & groomsmen outside Hideout Hotel

Featured: Hideout Groom, Nick (middle) & groomsmen outside Hideout Hotel

Photography by Sarah Beth Photography

Nicolas & Courtney got "Hitched at Hideout"

We chatted to Groom Nicholas about their big day...

Below: Bride Courtney and her father at Hideout the morning of the wedding.

Date of wedding: 9th September 2017

Bride: Courtney Murray, 27

Groom: Nick Holroyd-Doveton, 31

Q: First things first...Why did you choose Hideout as your wedding accommodation? :
A: "As we had lots of close family and friends travelling from London, Rotherham, the North East, Canada and the outskirts of Hull we spent ages looking at options for accommodation. Hotels. AirBnbs. Normal B&Bs. Nothing hit the mark. It was mostly old, un-central and in-flexible. Then, Hideout popped up. We saw it advertised in the Hull Daily Mail before it had even been built and Courtney told Nick to ring “immediately” - so he did, and it turned out exactly what we were looking for. We hired the whole place for the full weekend and everyone loved it, the only moans were when people had to check out and go home, because no one wanted to leave. The team at Hideout couldn’t have been better - we were allowed to have things exactly as we wanted to, by putting small individual touches in each room before our guests arrived - like booze, crisps, breakfast bits and some sweets - classic wedding gubbins. We also asked guests to make use of the easels and pens in each room to draw us a “well wishing” message. Having everyone together really allowed us to keep the personal theme of our wedding going. Everything from the location, decor and comfort were perfect."

Tell us more about yourselves...

Q: Where did you met each other and when? : 
A: "We met in 2010. Courtney was working in Linnet & Lark (now known as The Bowery) on Princes Avenue, Nick DJ’d there from time to time. Courtney used to request strange songs, Nick would always play them no matter how strange and floor-clearing they were, and he tried his best to woo her. She eventually gave in."


Q: How/where/when did you propose? :
A: "Our first “proper” date was a day trip to York. We booked a return trip in February 2015, went to the same restaurant, same pubs and went for the same stroll around the grounds of the Minster as we did 5 years earlier - Nick dropped to one knee in the rain, in front of a bunch of tourists and proposed. Courtney thought it was an elaborate joke at first, especially as it was Friday the 13th - not unlucky for some!"

Q: Why did you get married in Hull? :
A: "Since moving to London in 2010 we often return to Hull to visit family and wanted to do the wedding there. It’s home for Courtney, and Nick did most of his “growing up” there having been a student in the city and staying for years after. It’s got a great sense of community and we knew we’d be able to have the day the way we wanted. Throughout our years in Hull we made a great number of friends who we knew would be able to help us on our wedding day, from our caterers to photographer, DJ to venue owner - they’re all pals and helped us out".

Q: Where was the reception? :
A: "We had the reception at Fruit on Humber Street, with catering supplied by the magnificent Hull Pie. The great thing about Fruit is that you can pretty much do whatever you want in there, the space is so versatile and cosy whilst still maintaining its industrial feel. After the speeches at about 5pm, we took a short walk down Humber Street to Thieving Harry’s for a cocktail hour (also allowing the guys in Fruit to turn the venue around to night mode) - we had all of Harrys for our guests, the sun was shining by this point so we mainly took over Humber Street with a few cocktails to go with the sunset. We went back to Fruit about 7 o’clock for more food, booze and dancing."

Q: Did you get chance to explore the area with your guests? :
A: "The next morning we went to Nibble on the Fruit Market for breakfast. They laid out platters of bacon, sausage, eggs and mushrooms for around 50 of our guests to make their own breakfast sandwiches, and jugs of Bloody Mary’s for those who needed it! We also had forgotten to cut our cake on the wedding day so we took it across there and dealt it out to the breakfast bunch! Nibble were really great, nothing was too much trouble (even helping out with the cake cutting)."





If you're interested in staying at Hideout for your big day - we'd love to have you! Please give our General Manager Tare a call T: 01482 212222 E:

The moment you’ve been dreaming of has arrived.

Here at Hideout, we have all the inspiration an engaged couple need, to plan for their perfect day. The Guildhall, The grandest wedding venue in Hull, and only a few steps away from the hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city. Designed by the Sir Edwin Cooper, a classic English architect, it’s rich history makes it the perfect place to be married.

The historic décor which dates back to Hull’s medieval times is beautifully co-ordinated, with marble floors and acres of oak and walnut panelling. The venue facilitates a high-quality collection of fine arts, sculptures, furniture, civic insignia and silver; the perfect setting for romantic and timeless wedding photos.

Following the heartfelt vows comes the reception. Hull’s Humber Street and the Marina backdrop have become popular locations; featured in local wedding planners blogs. These locations can be transformed into the perfect, chic venues for the more playful and eclectic couple. The fruit market wedding will guarantee a quirky urban and laidback atmosphere. If you’re after the ‘anti wedding, wedding venue’ vibe, reasonable venue hire is available and the range of possibilities available for décor, food and beverages are endless. Who knows, you could end up with a burger van parked outside!

You could have the perfect relaxed wedding. The venue within walking distance from the hotel and a land train which will take you from the venue, straight to the Marina!

After a long day of celebrations, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic stroll back through to Old Town. To Hull’s only Boutique Apartment Hotel where you can both unwind at Hideout. Don’t hold back the requests, we absolutely love when a wedding party stays with us before or after the ‘I dos’. Our modern bridal suites can be personalised to meet your unique needs. We will include a luxury food hamper, bubbles and Mr & Mrs bathrobes to end your big day perfectly.

Getting hitched in Hull? Call us on T: 01482 212222 E:


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