Trinity Market

Located in Hull’s old town, right next door to our Hotel, Trinity market has an extensive variety of locally produced goods: with products like fresh meats and handmade sweets, chocolates and jewellery, there is something for everyone.,,Fruit & Veg, Fresh Meat & Fish, Handmade chocolates, Coffee, Pizza, cooked meats and pastries, Cafe, through to Records, Music, Handmade soap, Bags, Printing, Jewellery, Vintage, Alterations, Cards & Shoe Repair.

Just about all of the stalls are manned by the business owners/creators themselves - we LOVE that! Chances are, that when you’re shopping at Trinity Marke you’ll be buying straight from the maker and chatting to the person behind the product!


Hideout favourites:


A delicious bakery serving all sorts of moth-watering home-made bakes, from your everyday bread (the most delicious we’ve ever had) - to confetti cake! Pop & see the business owners and bakers Roxy & Joe.

Here’s Hideout Director Georgia’s top 3 picks from Flour & Feast:

  1. Cinnamon Bun (ask for it warmed - it’s a dream)

  2. Home-made loaf of bread

  3. Rose Brownie


A trendy little stall selling eco-friendly / sustainably sourced & made essentials for you and your home. There’s loads of gorgeous “gifty” bits as well as “treat yourself” goodies up for grabs. Callum has carefully selected mindfully made essentials which you may find useful whilst you’re staying at Hideout/away from home, such as, toothpaste & toothbrush, washing powder, travel coffee cups & more.