Bars & Restaurants

(all within 5 mins walk of Hideout)
Hotel near Humber Street

Bars and Restaurants in Hull City Centre – Old Town – Hull Marina

·       Old House Pub by Shoot The Bull - cute candlelit pub in Old Town serving excellent food (few minutes walk from Hideout).

·       Butler Whites on Hull Marina/Humber Street - nice restaurant serving delicious English cuisine (pork belly, duck and dauphinoise potatoes type of thing - 5 min walk).

·       Tapasya on Hull Marina - excellent Asian/Indian food (5 min walk)

·       Berts Pizzeria overlooking The Deep & River Hull - more casual dining (5 min walk)

·       Ambiente – Great Tapas restaurant on Humber Street. Great sellection of wines and spirits. Great place to start the evening.

·       Al Porto – Another one of Hull Marina’s top restaurant with the stunning views of the waterside, authentic italian food with an enviable selection of wine in such a stylish venue.

·       Thieving Harry’s – Hands down, the best burgers and breakfast on Humber Street. Please be prepared for a wait as its always quite busy. Staff are friendly and pleasant. Family, children and dog friendly.

·       1884 Wine & Tapas Bar – Mouthwatering Tapas, Beautiful décor, watersuide location.

·       1884 Barrow Boys – Fantastic food, drink, entertainment in a gorgeous relaxing venue.

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