Hull’s Museum Quarter is 2 mins mooch from Hideout Hotel.

You’ll find the museums quarter on the high street in the heart of the Old Town, on the banks of the river Hull. The old warehouses, merchant dwellings, lanes and pubs nearby all lend the unique charm to this historic district. Enjoy all the museums for free! It’s just a short 6-minute walk from our boutique city centre hotel.

Wilberforce House Museum

Wilberforce House is the birthplace of William Wilberforce, famous campaigner against the slave trade. The museum tells the story of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its abolition, as well as dealing with contemporary slavery. Galleries also offer a fascinating glimpse into West African culture.

The permanent displays at Wilberforce House include journals and items that belonged to William Wilberforce, including original costume. There are also many significant items linked to slavery and the campaign to abolish it.

Streetlife Museum of Transport

Climb aboard at the Streetlife Museum of Transport and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells of the past. Experience 200 years of transport history as you walk down a 1940s high street, board a tram, or enjoy the pleasures of our carriage ride or vintage car ride.

You will find a unique collection of early motor cars, horse drawn carriages and bicycles. Railway and local history are also well covered as well as a display on Joseph Ranks’ Clarence Mill that dominates the River Hull.

Arctic Crossair

Come aboard Hull’s last surviving sidewinder trawler, and let the crew take you on a guided tour. You’ll hear all about life at sea and the dangers deep sea trawler men faced in the Icelandic fishing grounds.

See the mighty Mirlees Monarch diesel engines used to power the ship through Arctic seas. The crew and skippers accommodation is unchanged since the ship was built and includes washrooms, berths and eating facilities. Visitors can stand in the wheelhouse and see 1960s state of the art technology used to navigate the vessel and hunt for fish.

Hull & East Riding Museum

Begin in the Natural History Galleries which display a life-size model mammoth, Mortimer, as well as a hands-on fossil display. Then explore prehistoric Yorkshire from Palaeolithic people to the Roan invasion. Enjoy objects from the mysterious Roos Carr figurines to the impressive Hasholme boat and take a stroll through our replica Iron-age village.

In the Roman galleries, discover stunning mosaics, such as the Rudston Charioteer Mosaic, as well as objects from ritual and daily life in Roman Britain. Upstairs, the mezzanine houses treasures of the medieval period from the Anglo-Saxon to the English Civil War. Highlights include Anglo-Saxon burial assemblages, the Skerne Sword and medieval gaming boards.