Humber Street

Hotel near Humber Street 

Humber Street was shortlisted in April 2017 to be awarded the accolade of best street in Britain. Based in Hull city centre, Humber Street is based within 10 minutes walking distance of Hideout Hotel.

64 Humber Street was once The Shakespeare Hotel during the 1840s. At this time the adjacent building (now Fruit) was the New Theatre, which brought a thriving economy to the area, plus it is based on Hull Marina. 64 Humber Street was refurbished during the 1890s, when six carved heads of Shakespeare were added to its frontage. It closed following heavy bombing damage sustained in an air raid on 9 May 1941.

As Humber Street became the location of Hull’s Fruit Market, this Hull city centre location was then built specifically as a warehouse in 1948, replacing the bomb-damaged building. From then until now the site was used solely for the fruit trade, with fruit sold downstairs and banana ripening rooms situated upstairs. The building operated for this purpose until traders packed away their final boxes in 2009, marking the end of the old Fruit Market. 

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Fruit is now a unique ex warehouse cultural space on Humber Street near Hull Marina. The venue features live music gigs, comedy, film screenings, underground club nights, festivals including Humber Street Sesh and Freedom Festival, theatre productions, local produce and vintage markets and more. The venue sits amongst, restaurants, bars, retail and gallery space. 

Humber Street has more recently undergone a bright, vibrant and thoughtful refurbishment, with many commercial and social benefits. Within walking distance of our hotel, it is a great place to grab a drink and take in the Hull Marina. If you want to find out more about Hull Marina and Humber Street contact our team.