The Marina

Hotel near the marina

Originally known as Humber Dock, Hull Marina was built in 1807 and opened to shipping in 1809. The rapid advancement of the railways linking Hull to Selby and Leeds, meant more trade was attracted to Hull and Humber Dock (Hull Marina). In 1844 parliament agreed to the construction of a branch dock which opened on Friday 18th of June 1846 and was named Railway Dock. These Docks were closed to shipping in 1968 and sold to Hull Corporation.

On the 1st of May 1983, the old docks became the new Hull Marina and was opened for pleasure boats. Over the last few decades Hull has seen an increasing number of bars and restaurants surround the Hull Marina.

Hull Marina is now central to many activities for visitors in Hull city centre. From restaurants and cafes, to the Maritime museum, theatres, art galleries, cinemas, ice skating, and bowling to shopping centres and a lively nightlife. All these things are just a short walk away from the Hull Marina, so why not check this cultural gem out whilst staying in our great city centre hotel, you can settle in and enjoy all that Hull and the Marina has to offer within just 5-minute walk. 

The City of Hull has many tourist attractions to offer and most are within easy walking distance of the Hull Marina and Hideout Hotel. There are a number of museums and galleries waiting to be discovered many of which offer free entry! The history of the city can be seen first-hand when visiting the Street Life Museum, situated in the historic Old Town, which links many more museums together and the Ferens Art Gallery.

If you fancy a show or a play why not visit the Hull New Theatre, Bonus Arena, Hull Truck Theatre or the City Hall. If you’re in the mood for a movie there is a multi-screen cinema just around the corner. The Deep – an aquarium of the future and the world’s only ‘submarium’, a journey to explore the great ocean floor from coral lagoons to the icy depths of Antarctica. We’ve even got ice skating too. There are many places to eat close by and any visit to the Hull isn’t complete without a visit to Hull Marina.



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