The City of Culture: A Fantastic Year for Hull

Humber Street Sesh 2017_Humber Street Sesh 2017-102.jpg

Hull’s City of Culture Year is coming to an end, and what a fantastic year it has been.

From 3,200 naked blue people posing in the streets of Hull for Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull commission, to a 75 metre long blade in the city centre to the Turner Prize, this year has seen the people of Hull participate in a plethora of events suitable for the whole family. 

The year kicked off with the Made in Hull light show which saw thousands flock to the city centre. This lightshow told the story of Hull through stunning visuals which set the atmosphere for the year ahead. Since then we’ve seen a weeping window of poppies which paid a beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers, the prestigious Turner Prize which has showcased the best in modern art and Radio One’s Big Weekend which saw some of the UK’s biggest musical acts visit the city.

The city of culture year has brought many musicians, comedians and actors to Hull with the local talent getting involved too. Events like Humber Street Sesh and the Freedom Festival have given Hull’s artists a time to shine and have brought the city together. Proving even more popular during the city of culture these annual events will remain a highlight of Hull’s calendar.

Hull has always been a city packed full of creativity with a rich history to match, making it a fantastic destination for a weekend break. Now that the City of Culture year is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean that Hull will slow down. With a huge amount of talent in the city combined with all of the museums, attractions and activities, there really is no place like Hull. Whether you are looking for a family visit to The Deep, a tour of the cities stunning old town or want to hit some quirky independent bars with your friends, Hull has something for everyone.

In a recent chat with The Guardian, our owner Georgia said that; “City of Culture has made people proud. It has given us all a new pair of eyes with which to look at our city.

“Instead of staying in, or spending money in other cities, people are out and about here at the weekends.” It is this new life and vibrancy in the city that we hope will continue going into 2018 and beyond.

As we opened in the summer of 2017, we consider the City of Culture to be a huge part of our business and we are incredibly proud of everything that Hull has achieved. This past year has also been brilliant for local businesses, with the once neglected Humber Street region now booming because of its success. 

We have ensured that everything in our hotel is sourced from in and around Hull, from the coffee to the artwork on the walls so that all of our guests can get a real sense of the local atmosphere.

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Georgia Allenby